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Proclaiming Gospel Justice

The Witness also recommends scriptural reflections offered regularly to the church-at-large by the following justice-oriented sources:

"The Geranium Farm" by Barbara Crafton

"Homily Grits" by Grant Gallup

"Living by the Word" from The Christian Century

"The Text this Week"

"Preparing the Way" by the Every Voice Network

Reflections on the Scriptures and Progressive Spirituality

The Witness is proud to offer a regular series of exegetical pieces on the Sunday readings from the Episcopal/Anglican common lectionary, beginning in Advent 2003 at the start of "Year C" of the church's lectionary. These reflections, authored by noted theologians and justice activists from throughout the international church, are offered for use as resources for sermon preparation and bible study groups. Authors should be attributed, but no official permission is necessary.

We hope you will find this a useful resource for ministry.

Lectionary Year A (2004-2005)

Lent 1 (Feb. 13, 2005):

Resisting the Temptation by Tracey Lind

The Gospel story for Lent 1 (Feb. 13, 2005) tells of Jesus' time in the wilderness, when he faced “the tempter.” Tracey Lind finds provocative connections to the current political debate, and like Karl Barth, says we must preach with both the Bible and the newspaper. [posted 2/7/05]

What Is Expected of the Baptized? by Angela Ifill

In the gospel story for Lent 1 (Feb. 13, 2005), Jesus is tempted in the wilderness. This lesson is relevant today, notes Angela Ifill, since our temptations are manifold. Yet with the power of the Spirit, and our baptismal covenant, we know we are not alone. [posted 2/4/05]

Ash Wednesday (Feb. 9, 2005): Ashes and Weeping by Jane Carol Redmont

Many of us are reluctant to lament in public, especially in connection to our religious tradition. In reflecting on the readings for Ash Wednesday (Feb. 9, 2005), Jane Carol Redmont asks: at this moment in history, how can we possibly not weep? [posted 2/4/05]

Last Epiphany (Feb. 6, 2005): Conversion of Light by Michael Battle

Epiphany 4 (Jan. 30, 2005):

Feast of the Conversion of St. Paul (Jan. 25, 2005): Sly as a Snake, Simple as a Dove by C. Christopher Epting

Epiphany 3 (Jan. 23, 2005): Power and Unity by Mark Handley Andrus

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (Jan. 17, 2005): Leadership by Donald Whipple Fox

Epiphany 2 (Jan. 16, 2005):

Epiphany 1 - The Baptism of Our Lord (Jan. 9, 2005): Servanthood by Timothy Nakayama

Christmas 2 (Jan. 2, 2005): Another Way by Bill Wylie-Kellermann

The Holy Name (Jan. 1, 2005): Prayer and Naming by Paul Colbert

Christmas 1 (Dec. 26, 2004):

Christmas Day (Dec. 25, 2004): Finding the Grace in Christmas by Louie Crew

Advent 4 (Dec. 19, 2004):

Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe (Dec. 12 or 13, 2004): La Guadalupana: María with the Mestizo Face by Richard Bower

Advent 3 (Dec. 12, 2004): Hope in the Toxic Wilderness by David Selzer

Advent 2 (Dec. 5, 2004):

Advent 1 (Nov. 28, 2004):

Lectionary Year C (2003-2004)

Thanksgiving Day (Nov. 25, 2004): Thanksgiving Mythology by Robert Two Bulls

Pentecost 25 (Nov. 21, 2004): A Righteous Branch by Carter Heyward

Pentecost 24 (Nov. 14, 2004): Bringing Order Out of Chaos by Michael Hopkins

All Saints' Sunday (Nov. 7, 2004): Pledging Allegiance by Jane Carol Redmont

All Souls' Day (Nov. 2, 2004): Election Day and Resurrection by Bill Wylie-Kellermann

Pentecost 22 (Oct. 31, 2004): Liberating Zacchaeus and Ourselves by Mark MacDonald

Pentecost 21 (Oct. 24, 2004): The Pharisee and the Windsor Report by Katie Sherrod

Pentecost 18 (Oct. 3, 2004): Make the Vision Plain by Elizabeth Kaeton

Pentecost 17 (Sept. 26, 2004): A Nightmare-Parable to Wake Us Up by Jim Lewis

Pentecost 14 (Sept. 5, 2004): Burdens: Intolerable and Otherwise by Mark Harris

Pentecost 13 (Aug. 29, 2004): In the Spirit of Crazy Horse by Robert Two Bulls

Pentecost 12 (Aug. 22, 2004): The Politics of Accommodation by David Selzer

Pentecost 11 (Aug. 15, 2004): The Gospel of Moderation? by Michael Hopkins

Pentecost 10 (Aug. 8, 2004): A Bundle of Cash by Leon Spencer

Pentecost 9 (Aug. 1, 2004):

Pentecost 8 (July 25, 2004): Teach Us to Pray by Susan Russell

Pentecost 7 (July 18, 2004):

Pentecost 6 (July 11, 2004): The Heart of the Matter: You Can Do It by Mark Harris

Pentecost 5 (July 4, 2004): United by God by Timothy Nakayama

Pentecost 4 (June 27, 2004): “Sons of Thunder” or the Prince of Peace? by Jim Lewis

Pentecost 3 (June 20, 2004): Dealing with Demons by Elizabeth Kaeton

Trinity Sunday (June 6, 2004): A Called and Sent People by Butch Gamarra

Pentecost (May 30, 2004): Pentecost and Globalization by Andrew Davey

Easter 7 (May 23, 2004):

Easter 6 (May 16, 2004): The Divine Dare by Michael Hopkins

Easter 5 (May 9, 2004): Unhappy Divisions by Leon Spencer

Easter 4 (May 2, 2004): The Lamb Replaces the Shepherd: Christianity as Revolutionary by Louie Crew

Easter 3 (Apr. 25, 2004): Divine Confrontation and Conversion by Mark Harris

Easter 2 (Apr. 18, 2004): Fear of the Jews by Jane Carol Redmont

Easter Day (Apr. 11, 2004): New Life for Gardens and the Church by Katie Sherrod

Good Friday (Apr. 9, 2004): The Gift of the Cross by Irene Monroe

Good Friday (Apr. 9, 2004): Relationship: A Lakota View of the Good Friday Story by Robert Two Bulls

Palm Sunday/ Sunday of the Passion (Apr. 4, 2004): Dr. King and the Irresistibility of the Gospel by Mark Andrus

Lent 5 (Mar. 28, 2004): A Broken Relationship with God by John Chane

Lent 4 (Mar. 21, 2004): The Prodigal Son: El Salvador's Poor by Richard Bower

Lent 3 (Mar. 14, 2004): The Parable of the Fig Tree and the Twin Towers by Elizabeth Kaeton

Lent 2 (Mar. 7, 2004): Hens and Prophets by Robert W. Cromey

Lent 1 (Feb. 29, 2004): The Temptation of Simple Solutions by Tracey Lind

Ash Wednesday (Feb. 25, 2004): Now Is the Acceptable Time by Susan Russell

Last Sunday of Epiphany (Feb. 22, 2004): Forgiveness by Carter Heyward

Epiphany 6 (Feb. 15, 2004): True Freedom by Timothy Nakayama

Epiphany 5 (Feb. 8, 2004): Jesus Was an "Indian Giver" by Carol Gallagher

Epiphany 4 (Feb. 1, 2004): Dead Man Talking by Michael Hopkins

Epiphany 3 (Jan. 25, 2004): Cool Sunglasses Can't Hide Our Blindness by Mark Harris

Epiphany 2 (Jan. 18, 2004): Spiking the Punch: Jesus' Sense of Humor by Louie Crew

Epiphany 1: Baptism of Our Lord (Jan. 11, 2004): Baptism Is Our Road Map by Katie Sherrod

Christmas 2 (Jan. 4, 2004): Claiming God's Approach to Power by Mark MacDonald

Christmas 1 (Dec. 28, 2003): It's Time to Take Christmas Personally by David Selzer

Advent 4 (Dec. 21, 2003): Mary's Song for Justice by Richard A. Bower

Advent 3 (Dec. 14, 2003): The Not-Quite-Ready-for-Prime-Time Messiah by Elizabeth Kaeton

Advent 2 (Dec. 7, 2003): The Wilderness Can Heal Both Oppressed and Oppressor by Irene Monroe

Advent 1 (Nov. 30, 2003): Advent Is a Call for Justice by Mark Harris